Three Essential Things to Do Before Having Your Living Room Painted

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Getting your living room painted is a fantastic way to bring a fresh new look to your home, whether you simply want to brighten up an old look or make a bold statement. However, as this guide describes, there are a few essential things you need to do before getting your living room painted.

Choose the Right Residential Painter

The first step towards getting your living room painted is choosing a residential painter. Hiring a professional painting company is a great idea for a living room, as you spend so much time in there, so you want the job doing quickly and well. Search online for a painter or ask friends for word-of-mouth recommendations, then check their website or online reviews to find pictures of their previous work. Does their work look neat, consistent and professional? If your paint job is particularly complicated or you also want some wallpaper hanging, make sure that they can do what you require. After choosing your interior painter, it's time to confirm your colour scheme.

Confirm Your Colour Scheme

Whether you'll be buying the paint yourself or whether your residential painter will be getting hold of it, it's really important to figure out your colour scheme and explain it to your painters. Ideal Home offers a range of excellent suggestions for living room colour schemes, from pairing pink and blue for a rich, luxurious vibe to choosing earthy tones for a relaxing feel. Think about whether you'd like a bright statement colour or simple neutrals that are easy to complement with furniture and decorations. You'll also need to choose colours for doors, window frames and radiators, and decide whether you want the same colour on every wall.

Next, obtain some testers and make sure that the colours look great and that you like how they look in real life. When you've committed to a colour palette, you can explain to your painter exactly which colours should be used on each part of your room.

Prepare Your Living Room for Painting

The final thing to do before your painters arrive is to prepare your living room. Take out anything that's movable, especially soft furnishings like throws and cushions. You may also want to remove furniture, but if this isn't possible, move it into the middle of the room and cover it with plastic sheeting. Your painters will probably be able to provide floor coverings, but ask them if there's anything extra you should do. Finally, ensure that someone will be available to let the painters in and out, while also making sure that pets and children will be kept away during painting.

By choosing an interior painting expert to suit you, picking a colour scheme that you love and preparing your room carefully, you can ensure that your experience with having your living room painted is as positive as possible. Contact an interior painting service for more information.