A guide to painting your countryside home

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There's something about the modern-day countryside vibe. It's peaceful, warm and inviting—creating a contrast with the busy urban environment. Whether your home is in the countryside or in a suburb, you may wish to infuse a rural theme. Selecting the right paint will be critical to achieving this goal. Many homeowners don't necessarily understand what comprises a countryside theme. Indeed, you don't need to be on a farm or ranch to recreate this theme in your home. By choosing the right colours and paint designs, you can enjoy a calm, relaxing and timeless environment.

Traditional homes would consist of large open spaces with whitewashed walls and lots of neutral shades. So the big question is—how can you recreate this theme in your modern home while adding a unique touch? Read on to find out.

Keep exterior colours natural

To get the countryside look right, you'll need to start with the exterior of your home. Your outside walls, window frames and shutters will all contribute to a kerb appeal that elevates the countryside theme. For exterior walls, consider using natural paint colours that blend with the surrounding environment.

White and off-white are safe choices, but you can also go with shades of brown, beige or cream. Contrast these neutrals with bold selections for your window frames, shutters and doors.

Who said you can't paint your doors red and your windows blue? As long as the complete outside look to your home is uniform, you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to the countryside theme.

Be bold with indoor paint layouts

Speaking of bold colours, the interior paint colours of your countryside themed home should express personality. Don't feel limited to what you can apply on interior walls, ceilings or fixtures.

Many colours radiate a dated, stylish and calm theme. For example, neutral shades work well for spacious, open-plan living rooms with high ceilings.

If your home has distinct divisions between various rooms, a bold colour choice may help create an intended theme within each room. Sky blue, light red and beige are popular paint colour choices for countryside homes. You may use these as starting point palettes and build on them as necessary.

Don't forget the kitchen

Your countryside theme wouldn't be complete without selecting the right colour for your kitchen. The size and shape of your kitchen will determine the paint selection you choose. For example, open kitchens with antique appliances work well with neutrals, while smaller kitchens may need a bold pick to elevate the overall appearance.

For more information, contact a painter.