House Painting And Rainy Days: 3 Tips To Help Achieve This Goal

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Some people like to paint their house in the summer as the chance of good drying weather is high. Other people, like you, prefer to do this task in autumn as it is not as hot outside, so you don't need to worry about heat stroke. However, the problem with painting the exterior of a home in autumn is you have a higher chance of encountering rainy weather. The good news is that a bit of rain doesn't need to stop you in your tracks. You just need to ask these questions as the answers will help you decide which autumn day is the best one to get outside for painting.

Is it raining on painting day? 

Unfortunately, if it is continuously raining on the day you want to paint, then it is ideal to leave the paint tins and brushes where they are and head inside to work on an interior project instead. Not only will the rainwater mix with the wet paint to cause irregularities on the painted surface, but the rain can also move the wet paint off the walls and onto your surrounding gardens.

Is it dry on painting day, but previously rained the day before?

The key to whether you can paint in this situation depends on the surface you are painting. If you touch the exterior wall and it feels dry, then technically you can paint. However, before you get too excited, look for a spot on your wall where there are nail holes or cracks. If you can push on these areas and moisture appears under your fingertips, then you cannot paint this surface. Hidden moisture trapped beneath the exterior wall covering means you'll end up with streaky paint on the outside of your house.

Is it dry on painting day, but it's going to be hot and humid?

When you buy your exterior house paint, ask the seller what conditions are best for using the paint. Most paints have a minimum and maximum temperature range, and you should not use the paint outside of those points. A humid day also interferes with exterior painting for two reasons:

  1. the extra moisture in the air can affect both the painting surface and the paint finish
  2. humid weather leads to longer paint drying time

This is another weather situation where it's better to focus on an interior project instead.

A house painting expert can answer any further questions you have about choosing the right day for this task. Better still, hire that expert to do it and go and tackle another job which is less likely to leave you feeling frustrated with Mother Nature.