Why You Should Never Paint Your Own Home's Exterior

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Painting a home, either inside or out, may seem like a simple process, but it's actually much more complicated than homeowners realize, especially if you're thinking of painting the home's exterior. If your home is looking a little shabby and needs some sprucing up, consider why you should avoid tackling exterior painting on your own, and why you should always leave it to a professional.

Paint colours

Even if you buy the same exact shade of paint, from the same manufacturer and at the same paint store, each container may have some slight differences in tone or colour. You may not be able to see those differences while the paint is in the can, but once you apply those colours next to each other on your home, they will be obvious! A professional painter will have the equipment needed to mix all those colours together. They also know how to adjust the tone and shade of the colours if they appear somewhat different when applied to your home's exterior.

Drying too quickly

If you apply the paint to your home's exterior when it's very bright outside, that strong sunlight can dry the paint too quickly. In turn, it may not have time to adhere to the home's surface, and it may blister and peel before too long.

A professional painter will know if it's too bright outside or if the house is getting too much sunlight when it's time to paint. He or she may reschedule the work, or even erect a type of canvas or other shade when working, to ensure the paint adheres properly.

Painting different surfaces

Painting your home usually involves painting the roof eaves, trim and the butt or underside of the creases in aluminium siding. It's good to know which of these surfaces to paint first, or you may have drips all over the home's exterior surface once your paint is dry.

Using the wrong tools or methods of painting can also mean swirl marks, brush marks and drips under those creases or in and around smaller spaces of your home's exterior. You might also not realize when you can switch to a paint sprayer, so you spend far too much time using a roller or brush, and the work takes days longer than it would otherwise! To ensure the correct tools, paint and methods are used for all the different surfaces of your home's exterior, rely on a professional to get the job done right.