Tips On How You Can Remove Water-Based Paints From Your Carpet

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When painting is done in your home, you do your best to protect the household items from catching the paint. Sometimes, though, the paint may accidentally spill on items you wouldn't want the paint to touch like the carpet. When you spot traces of paint on your carpet, do not fret because the paint can easily be removed. But if the paint has dried up, it may prove to be a bit of challenge. Here are tips on how you can remove the paint.  

Removing Wet Paint

Getting rid of wet paint is easy and you can do so in a couple of minutes using simple household items like dish soap or nail polish remover and paper towels.

Removing Dry Paint

Dry paint presents a different challenge but here is how you can get it off your carpet.

Removing dry paint is a task that requires patience to pull off so don't get frustrated if the paint is not coming off as quickly as you would wish.

For more info about this, contact a local painting company.