4 Ideal Wall Colour Strategies To Infuse Warmth Into Your Living Room

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Your living room is a space for entertaining and for spending cosy time with your family, so you'll naturally want your wall colours to reflect a feeling of warmth and friendliness. It's easy to give your living room a warm and cosy feeling when you work with painters to follow these ideal wall colour strategies.

Earth Tones

Drawing inspiration from the soothing nature of the elements, earth paint tones are sure to give your living room a warm vibe with lots of character. The greyness of a dull sky or the subdued light brown colour from earthen mud are ideal choices when you're planning to introduce earth tones for added warmth in your living room. Colours like browns, tans, greens and greys are typically regarded as earthen colours and feel effortlessly cosy at all times. You can also create earthen coloured trims and furnishings to finish off the rustic appeal of this colour palette.

Subtle Yellows

The appeal of subtle yellow shades is enough to brighten up any living room, while simultaneously giving it a warm and cosy demeanour. Yellow looks especially lovely when paired with wooden-finished furniture. If you're thinking of this colour for your living room, consider subtle shades like yolky yellow, golden honey yellow and apricot yellow for inviting appeal in your living room.

Muted Purples

You don't always have to choose neutral colours for creating a cosy living room environment. Muted shades of purple can also achieve the same effect, provided the colour isn't too loud and overbearing in your living room. For instance, muted purple shades like lavender, lilac and mauve create soft warmth in your living room space. You can pair these muted purple shades easily with different types of furniture and decorative elements in your living room for adding more warmth and cosiness to the space.

Calm Greys

Shades of grey add both warmth and relaxation to the living room because of their subdued aesthetic appeal. While darker shades of grey may feel to crisp, lighter shades create a soft and inviting feel. Grey shades can also reflect serenity and rustic warmth, making your living room feel cosy, especially when paired with harmonising furniture like sofas, chairs and dining tables. When working with your painters to apply grey to your living room walls, avoid going dark because this could end up making your living room feel curt and cool –– exactly the opposite of the feeling you're trying to achieve.

When working with painters, follow these ideal wall colour strategies to infuse warmth into your living room.